Warm Fuzzies – Minnesota Zoo (Apple Valley | MN)

Winter is in full effect at the moment.

With all of the cold weather and sporadic bouts of snow, it has me wanting to hide in the warmth of my cozy bed until April arrives.

Unfortunately for myself and the rest of you who despise the cold, snowy weather, society has decided that it will continue to function as usual. If only we could work/attend classes from home!

I thought it would be a fun way to distract ourselves from the frigid winter by sharing some exciting photographs that I captured last summer (2016) at the Minnesota Zoo.

Although I’ve been to this particular zoo many times in my life, I don’t recall appreciating the experience as much as this recent visit. Perhaps because it was a steamy, unbearably hot day which resulted in less visitors and more visibility of the animals. It could also be that I’ve gained more appreciation for things, like the zoo, as I’ve grown. Regardless, it’s insane to think that so many fascinating animals are living so close to the city.

I was extremely fortunate that the animals were willing to wander close to the designated viewing areas. It’s funny to see how their unique personalities come through in images. Whenever I revisit the photographs that I snapped from this visit, I find it difficult to pick favorites because each image presents a different story and they are all good stories.

My friend that I went with had mentioned how nice it was that the animals had vast amounts of space to inhabit. I definitely agree with her and acknowledge that the facilities in this zoo are especially nice compared to other ones that I have seen!

Click image to view larger

Even though it is wintertime, you can still visit and see animals!
Many of the exhibits are indoors.



13000 Zoo Boulevard
Apple Valley, MN 55124

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