Whimsical – Permission to Create

I have something a little more artsy today for you than previous posts.

I got bored one day and felt the need to create. I had a strong urge to take pictures but was uncertain about what to capture. After a little bit of contemplation, I realized that I could utilize my stuffed animals as subjects to create some whimsical photos. It’s truly amazing how refreshing and nourishing it feels when you channel your creativity into a project regardless of what it is.

With the internet, we are exposed to people taking amazing pictures of people/places/things all over the world and it can be a burden to take in. Feelings of doubt can form about your own ideas and work. However, it is important to remember that art is a very subjective topic. What one defines as interesting, beautiful, creative, etc. can also be defined as boring, ugly or cliché to another. What I am trying to emphasize here is that given the right perspective, anything can be visually appealing and you don’t need approval from others to justify your own pieces.

Through images, we are able to fabricate messages and stories that can easily be overlooked in real life. Don’t hesitate too long or be quick to dismiss your creative ideas. If you actually give it a shot and put in the effort to make them a reality, the final product is usually extremely rewarding.

Click image to view larger

Although planning ahead is always a good idea, gratification can also be discovered from improvising and experimenting. You don’t always need to know exactly what you’re doing or where you’re going in advance.

Just create and be happy.

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