Blossoming – Como Park Conservatory (St. Paul | MN)

It’s already mid February. I can’t believe it!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I thought it would be fitting to include a post with beautiful plants and flowers.

While the holiday focuses on romance and couples, it can be a lonely time for many people. If it’s difficult for you (as it is for me), a better way of approaching the day is simply to celebrate humanity and think about all of the kind acts that we do for each other regardless of being lovers, complete strangers, family, friends or whatever. It’s a day for appreciating people. It doesn’t have to be romantic.

If you’re looking for somewhere nice to go, whether it be a date or just by yourself, Como Park Conservatory has a very nice building of plants to admire. It’s very relaxing and with the cooler weather in Minnesota, it’s nice to go somewhere that has a humid, tropical temperature.

Looking back at these pictures I can sense a melancholic tone to how I approached the entire creative process. It’s interesting how just observing them can trigger such vivid memories of the day. Art is intriguing.

I hope you have a wonderful week and know that I am extremely thankful that you have allowed me to share my thoughts and photographs with you.

Click image to view larger

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

1225 Estabrook Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55103

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