I often experience a sense of emptiness that occurs without any logical justification. It’s something that I’m certain everyone experiences at least a few times throughout life. However, it’s a difficult and bizarre phenomenon to bear with, especially when the solution for fulfillment is unknown or perhaps even non-existent.

In moments like these, I used to struggle tremendously with dwelling on thoughts for too long and relied upon negative coping mechanisms as a form of relief. After years and years of hard work, I have trained myself to be productive and proactive instead.

One of the most effective things I have discovered is to make a list of things in life that you are grateful for. It really changes your outlook when you can see a visual representation of how fortunate you are. Another thing that I have encouraged myself to do is to transform the ominous energy into creative projects.

This morning I woke up feeling extremely desolate inside.

This photoset is the result of myself choosing to taking control over perplexing emotions and thoughts rather than suffer meaninglessly.


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