It’s confusing living in a society that treasures confidence, yet doesn’t specify how much is the correct amount to display. This becomes even more complicated as you dive into subcategories like gender, race, sexuality, etc. Conditions pertaining to distinct situations also influence expectations of our actions.

As we age, it seems as though it should be more natural to have a deeper self awareness; resulting in the idea of our public image being more genuine and solidified. Yet, for many (myself included), insecurities and appearance continue to stand in the way of effectively presenting who we truly are.

How does one break free of this complex?

Many will reply with the ironically obvious answer, “Just be more confident,” but doing so can often result in backlash. People may interpret your behavior as phony, elitist and/or off-putting. It’s immensely discouraging to have your actions misread. This can lead directly towards depression, fear and isolation.

While the puzzle remains distinctly unsolved, what I would like to believe is that the solution to this conundrum is: simply accept where you’re at when interacting with others and enforce an optimistic mindset. Eventually you will connect with others who will appreciate you fully and unconditionally. When this occurs, you will effortlessly be able to embody the proper level of confidence for all to witness.

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