Nostalgia – Hyland Park (Bloomington | MN)

I’m sure everyone has a place like this that they can recall; one that holds bittersweet memories. A place that draws you back despite negative associations. Perhaps it’s because subconsciously good times outweigh the bad. I’m also convinced that we as humans develop a bizarre fondness for periods and locations where we have undergone significant growth.

There is a wonderful park in Bloomington, MN that has several trails ranging throughout the area. It’s particularly beautiful in spring and summer. I used to go there often to explore and exercise. Without going into too much boring detail of my history with the park, I will say that it’s a nice place to visit if you’re looking for somewhere to go for a walk, bike or whatever. There are dog friendly trails for you to bring along your canine friends. A nature center, visitor center, playground area and more are also connected.

I visited the park a few years ago to try to capture my feelings towards it by using photography. Even while lacking lush, vibrant hues, it still comes across as hauntingly beautiful.

Hyland Park

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