Enchanting – Namsangol Hanok Village (남산골한옥마을) (Seoul | SOUTH KOREA)

I was in South Korea when the MERS outbreak was happening in 2015. Fortunately, the CDC had stated that there was no reason it should interfere with travel, so I was still able to go. Occasionally I would see things relating to it, such as when I went to Namsangol Hanok Village (남산골한옥마을 Namsangol Hanok Maeul) and they had a bottle of hand santizer next to an “ANTI MERS” sign.

The village was really pleasant to walk around, especially since there weren’t very many people.  Each time I return to Korea, I appreciate the traditional aspects more and more. The architecture and furnishings are truly gorgeous. I imagine it would be a very great place to take portraits.

I hope to return within the next year or so to visit more areas of the country. There are a lot of fascinating places that I have yet to see!

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Namsangol Hanok Village

https://www.hanokmaeul.or.kr/ (Website is in Korean)

Getting There
Take line 3 or 4 and get off at Chungmuro (충무로) station.

Seoul Metro

28, Toegye-ro 34-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 퇴계로34길 28 (필동2가)

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