Amusing – Pat’s Tap (Minneapolis | MN)

Skee-ball is the attraction that brought my friend and I to Pat’s Tap. We quickly became friends not long after being acquainted and skee-ball was one of the mutual interests that sealed our relationship.

We met up for lunch at the restaurant. The weather was brisk with a fairly strong wind that made the walk inside uncomfortable. However, once through the door, it was cozy both due to temperature and the quirky interior. While the place wasn’t very packed when we arrived, it still had an inviting atmosphere; unlike times when you walk into a space and the lack of bodies create an awkward tension.

With a fairly wide range of choices for food, it took awhile for me to decide. I ended up getting the Rachel sandwich (Ferndale smoked turkey, Swiss, sauerkraut, Thousand Island, pumpernickel) without sauerkraut and subbed the house made chips for frites.

Rachel_DSC0914 (1)I was quite hungry by the time the food arrived. The first bite pleased my tastebuds immensely. However, the sandwich was a bit drippy and its contents tended to slip around within the outer layers of bread. It was a satisfying blend with a little sweetness coming from the turkey and the sauce along with the salty creaminess mixed with the Swiss cheese. The fries were a good sized cut with a decent amount of potato in each individual piece. They were soft but still had some chewiness to them. It was a favorable texture.

Our waitress was very cordial and prompt to take our orders and refill beverages throughout the meal which is something that I appreciate when dining out. Despite not ordering anything from the bar, the bartender was also very friendly when greeting us. Having cheerful staff around is always something that I like to acknowledge and give credit for, so props to them!

If you’re looking for somewhere quaint but contemporary to enjoy a meal, try Pat’s Tap out and enjoy some games of skee-ball from the vintage machines in the back while you’re there!

Pat’s Tap

Daily 11AM-2AM

3510 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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