Requiescence – Minnehaha Falls (Minneapolis | MN)

Being in nature is a nice escape from the obligations of daily life. One of the great things about Minnesota is that there are many lovely areas to explore.

Minnehaha Falls is a popular destination for locals to hang out. There are trails to wander with beautiful views to take in along the way. The waterfall is oddly mesmerizing. You’ll be overcome with instant relaxation the moment you gaze upon it. In addition, there is a cute restaurant where they serve good seafood and ice cream. Bike rentals are also available for people who wish to explore on wheels.

This photo set was taken two years ago in the early part of autumn:

Click image to view larger

I revisited the other day to take more pictures. In an attempt to try to take different images, I ended up focusing a lot on eyesores like garbage and other things of that nature. Although, when I spotted a duck couple in the water, I grew excited by the opportunity to capture some animals. Wildlife are always fun to take photos of because of their unpredictable behavior.

It’s really interesting to compare the photos from autumn and winter/spring (I’m not convinced it’s fully spring yet in Minnesota until May). While it is a bit sad looking at the barren plants, we all know it’s only a matter of time before they become lush and full of color!

Minnehaha Falls

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