Fortitude – Downtown (Minneapolis | MN)

Ever since the first time I traveled to Seoul, South Korea as a child, I’ve been in love with big cities and chic, modern architecture (specifically skyscrapers). There’s an intoxicating aura surrounding all of the buildings and activity within the vicinity of a metropolitan area. Going to Manhattan, NY over a decade later was the second time that I experienced the invigorating energy that I had felt in Seoul. They’re both lively cities that contain my favorite characteristics.

While traveling opens one’s perspective, it can also cause one to belittle their home upon returning. This has been the case for me every occasion that I’ve gone on trips to Seoul and NYC. Another thing that changes is the mindset of whether it’s acceptable or not to take “tourist” photos. Something about being in the area where I live makes it more uncomfortable to walk around freely and take pictures. It sounds ridiculous but I frequently worry about getting in altercations for using my DSLR.

Anxiety is a strange phenomenon. While it can be useful in certain situations, many struggle with it acting up uselessly. In short, anxiety can create unnecessary lies and stress within the mind. Those affected will know what I mean when I say that ithas held me back from doing many things that I’ve longed to do so badly. Ever since I’ve gotten more invested in photography, I’ve been interested in taking pictures of buildings and whatnot in the city but irrational fears have stood in the way.

Recently, I’ve noticed my confidence coming back at a surprising rate. It’s one of those things where you’ve worked really hard and suddenly the progress becomes noticeable. After years and years of severe self doubt, I’m finally starting to feel like an myself again but this time, an upgraded version. This is why I felt it was necessary to fight the meaningless lies within my thoughts and go pursue an activity that I have been aching to do.

Being able to finally fulfill one of my desires was extremely satisfying. What’s funny about the whole scenario is that once I got downtown and began working, my initial fears were completely irrelevant. Although that’s not to say they weren’t still present. I would’ve liked to take more pictures and to have experimented more but there’s always the future. For now, this is a good start!

On an ending note, the most remarkable thing happened while I was reviewing my photos. Out of the blue, I thought, What a beautiful city.

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