Convivial – Sun Street Breads (Minneapolis | MN)

For many people, growing older means seeing your family less as one becomes busier with adult responsibilities. When you are able to see each other, meetings often feel more significant than spending time together used to. Limited time transforms the dynamic because everyone realizes at a certain point, you’ll part ways.

I’m fortunate that my mother and I are able to get together at least once on a weekly basis. It’s especially nice when she’s able to join me on impromptu outings. We met up the other day for brunch at Sun Street Breads in Minneapolis. It’s a place that we’ve been to multiple times in the past and enjoy returning to. The restaurant itself is quite charming and bright. It’s not a huge space but there’s generally never a problem getting a table.

I find their bread themed decor to be adorable. They even have bread slice shaped table markers.2017-04-12 18.47.26They serve a variety of items from breakfast food options to sandwiches, soups and salads. I am a big fan of ordering breakfast food whenever the opportunity arises so I chose The Standard. My requests were to have scrambled eggs, sausage and Great Northern (pumpernickel) bread for the toast. 20170412_123340The accompanying jam for the toast was raspberry and had a thick, smooth consistency with a strong flavor. It’s pretty much perfection when it comes to spreadable fruit. The bread had a nice crunchy exterior for the crust with a softer, chewy interior which maintained a good texture as toast. The sausage also had good flavor with it being a little peppery and zesty. It had a good combination of spices overall. Lastly, the eggs were typical besides having a nice fluffy consistency.

Sun Street Breads is one of the quaint, delightful restaurants in Minneapolis that carries a wholesome vibe. It doesn’t come across as pretentious in any way and that’s a characteristic that I appreciate. It’s a place that feels at home whether you’re eating alone or with others. While the food isn’t anything particularly unique, it is good and satisfying for any casual occasion and definitely an option to consider for meeting friends to have lunch if you’re in the area.

Sun Street Breads

Daily 6:30AM – 2:00PM
Thursday 5-8PM (PIZZA NIGHT)

4600 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55419

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