With my social anxiety, I get nervous about taking portraits of people. I’ve done it in the past for a project in college and it was rather nerve-wracking. However, I’ve been pushing myself to do things that I’m uncomfortable with more lately so hopefully the opportunity to take portraits will arise!

A great thing about animals is that they’re alive and great to photograph but without the judgement and other potentially intimidating traits that come with humans. Another fun thing is with animals, you have to anticipate their movements while also knowing that you’ll probably be wrong. It can be quite the challenge depending on what creature it is and where they are.

Back when my family owned a home, we had a pond in our backyard. Oodles of geese and ducks would visit. At that time, I didn’t appreciate them nor the beauty of the property because I was younger and busy doing things that youth do. I was so excited to randomly come across some on my walk the other day. It was even better that I was equipped with my DSLR! After my post about facing my fears and taking pictures in downtown Minneapolis, I’ve really thought about what it means to be a tourist in your own city/state. It’s gotten me to a mindset where I feel good about taking pictures in familiar surroundings rather than thinking it’s not good enough for the internet because I see it on a daily basis. It’s been eye opening to change my perspective in that sense and has resulted in enjoying everything around me on a different level.

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If you take away nothing else from this post, please just remember this one thing.
Be mindful of the present and appreciate what you have. We tend to have a lot more going for us than we think. It can always be taken from us at any moment.

Speaking of gratitude, I appreciate you for existing regardless of if you look at my posts or not. Thank you for being you! I don’t say that nearly enough.

3 thoughts on “Vitality

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I think nature is really calming for my anxiety as well! I’m lucky to have lots of great scenery and wildlife nearby. I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy some time with nature soon!

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