Bliss – Cedar+Stone, Urban Table (Bloomington | MN)

Being able to spend time together with family has become more important over the past few years as we’ve spread out into different locations. When we’re able to get together, it’s usually only for special occasions which is a bit unfortunate but life keeps everyone busy and that’s generally good!

On Easter, I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic brunch with some of my family members at Cedar+Stone located in the Mall of America as part of the JW Marriott hotel. I’ve been there on one other instance and had a very pleasant dining experience so we chose to go back for the holiday. A slight downside was that I failed to inquire about whether there would be a special menu when making the reservation which resulted in an expensive but spectacular meal. Every once in awhile, splurging is okay, right?

Their offering for the day was a brunch buffet featuring a vast assortment of breakfast foods, savory meats, potatoes, vegetables and other lunch options, accompanied by an impressive dessert spread that was quite overwhelming to choose from. (Desserts are my favorite)

I started off with black coffee which was really fragrant and satisfying. The table was set so beautifully including the cups and saucers.IMG_1118Being someone who has never had chicken and waffles before, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity. It never sounded appealing to me when I was younger but suddenly it clicked that the combination is actually complimentary and genius. Cedar+Stone typically serves it on their regular breakfast menu so I was excited about having it. Since ordering off of the menu wasn’t an option for this particular day, I was slightly disappointed but it was short lived because they included it as part of the buffet!IMG_1120 (1)I chose to incorporate some vegetables with it because they looked good. The carrots were deliciously sweet while the cauliflower and broccoli were garlic flavored and steamed just the right amount.

Unfortunately, the chicken didn’t live up to my expectations. Perhaps because it was sitting in a heating pan for awhile, it didn’t have a crispy texture but rather limp and soft. However, the waffles had a flaky texture and were tasty.

Dessert was amazing. They had a brownie/blondie bar where they featured vanilla and chocolate ice cream along with an assortment of toppings. I got a blondie with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. The blondie was everything i imagined it would be! The ice cream was alright but the consistency was a bit runny even while it was still solid. I didn’t include a photo because it wasn’t up to my food porn standards. Nonetheless, it was good!

I enjoyed my experience at Cedar+Stone a lot and was happy that everyone else I was with also had a good time. Both times I’ve been there, service has been phenomenal. At one point, my brother dropped his napkin unknowingly and our server showed up a moment later with a new one! I would recommend it if you are looking for somewhere slightly upscale to eat. The interior is gorgeous and contemporary and a nice location for a date or something of that nature.

Cedar+Stone, Urban Table,-urban-table/5694133/home-page.mi

Sun-Thurs 6:30AM-10PM
Fri-Sat 6:30AM-11PM

2141 Lindau Ln
Bloomington, MN 55425

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