Surveillance is part of our daily lives and we subconsciously (or consciously) accept it. There is no escape unless you choose to live off the grid but even then, I’m doubtful that you would be completely liberated. The whole idea is unsettling when you think about it, which is why most people (that I talk to) choose not to and tend to get visibly uncomfortable when I address the topic. However, it’s something that I’ve become interested in because technology and the way in which we interact with it is a fascinating realm; especially since there’s such a vast lack of understanding and unawareness due to its complexity on numerous levels.

I was inspired to capture scenes of literal and metaphorical power in use (with the addition of a few other artistic images that contribute to the feeling that I was trying to portray).

Click image to view larger

While this post is a more serious and daunting than other things that I typically write about, I do believe it’s important to bring up these sorts of issues. Conversations need to be held about privacy more now than ever. It can be frightening to think about but for me, I see all of this in a hopeful light because when resources are used in a righteous manner, there is so much potential for good that can be achieved. It’s just a matter of rethinking the system into functioning in a more respectable and well intentioned way.

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