Penchant – Bona (Minneapolis | MN)

I’ve been craving Vietnamese food for awhile now but haven’t gotten any for whatever reason. (Probably laziness? Transportation is more work when you don’t have a car.) Fortunately for me, this week I was able to meet up with a lovely friend and satisfy my craving!

We met at Bona Vietnamese Restaurant which is considered our spot since we typically meet there whenever we get together. There’s a lot of memories from that place that we share but I won’t bore you!

The restaurant was busier than I remember it being in the past which was good! I like seeing places succeed. It’d probably been a year or so since we’ve been there. The surrounding area had changed a lot with the addition of more housing and commercial spaces.

We had a lot of catching up to do but were interrupted because the service is so prompt. The employees are always so eager to take orders and get the food out. It comes out ridiculously fast! I really appreciate that and it reminds me of being in Seoul. I guess Manhattan is similar too. (It just takes forever to get a table!) It seems like majority of the restaurants in Minnesota take their time when it comes to the dining experience but it’s not necessarily a bad thing unless you’re susceptible to hanger.

I ordered one of my favorite things to get at Vietnamese restaurants, Bún Chả Giò, which is egg rolls on top of rice noodles, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and peanuts. _DSC1291It’s a dish that had yet to disappoint me no matter where I get it from. The egg rolls had a crunchy yet flaky exterior and were full of meaty deliciousness on the inside. The vegetables hiding underneath the rice noodles were crisp and fresh which worked well in conjunction with the savoriness of the egg roll. With the addition of fish sauce, the noodles became moistened and added a salty, dynamic flavor to the party. Despite getting a small, the portion size was quite big. I only was able to tackle half of it.

It was easy to enjoy our meal because the atmosphere of the restaurant is casual yet still somewhat classy compared to other restaurants in the same category. The darkish grey toned interior worked in the favor of that. Plus the noise level has never been that loud when I’ve been there so it makes the place a good one for conversation heavy meals or accomplishing work if you’re alone. While there are a lot of other Asian restaurant options to choose from in the area, Bona has it’s own charm and I do believe it’s worth trying.

Bona Vietnamese Restaurant

Daily 11AM-9PM

815 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis MN, 55414

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