Assuage – Tavern on France (Edina | MN)

Having a weekly date to eat out with family is a great privilege that I’ve been able to experience since childhood. We’ve continued the tradition despite my  moving out awhile ago. It’s something that I look forward to because it’s always nicer to share daily life stories in person, especially with people you’re close to.

Tavern on France is a place that I’ve been to many times. More times than not, the waiting time to get a table for dinner is quite long. However, we managed to luck out and get seated almost immediately.

Looking over the menu is always interesting but I enjoy that they have options to “build your own” burger, salad or pizza (and Bloody Mary but that’s not my jam). It’s always refreshing to have options and be able to freely customize your food. Those are the selections I tend to gravitate towards when dining at Tavern on France.

I got a beef patty on a hamburger bun accessorized with pickles, leaf lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and gouda. For my side it was a no brainer, waffle fries (the best method of cutting potatoes) and creamy parmesan garlic sauce. I like my burgers cooked well done, to the point of almost being burnt, which a lot of people think is insane but it’s what I enjoy!The food came out in a reasonable time period. It was one of those nights where seeing the food coming towards the table made my heart flutter ever so slightly. I was so happy to dig in. The burger was juicy and flavorful but very sloppy. I find holding burgers upside down tends to work more efficiently to combat that problem because of the thickness being more prominent in the top half of the bun. The fries were phenomenal as usual! So crispy with the right amount of potato guts inside. They paired perfectly with the parmesan garlic sauce.

The whole experience was one of the better ones that I’ve had at the restaurant. Not that my others were negative, this one was just especially good because of the flow of the service and what not. Plus we got to sit in a booth rather than at the bar and booths are pretty darn comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend bringing people who have trouble hearing here because it can get quite loud but the food is consistently good and there’s a nice atmosphere. They do a brunch buffet every Sunday that I’ve attended before. It’s pretty decent if you’re a brunch lover like myself. Either way, brunch, lunch, or dinner, you’ll probably be able to find something enjoyable to consume. Just make sure waffle fries end up at your table.

Tavern on France

Sun 10AM-10PM
Mon-Thur 11AM-Midnight
Fri-Sat 11AM-Midnight
*Happy Hour*
Mon-Fri 3-6PM and 9PM-Close

6740 France Ave S
Edina, Minnesota

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