Allay – The Original Pancake House (Edina | MN)

There’s nothing like a good brunch to make your day better. The Original Pancake House is a chain restaurant but their food doesn’t taste it. They have several locations throughout the Twin Cities. I stopped in at the Edina location, which was pretty packed for lunchtime on a weekday. The weekends are a whole different story though. Waiting times are long but worthwhile! It seemed as though the general demographic consisted of elderly people on this particular occasion, which is fine because older people are fun to be around!

Coffee is a must when waiting for breakfast food. Their coffee is good and fragrant. It’s fun to drink it out of the mugs that they have because of the quirky shape.


I ordered hash browns and scrambled eggs that came with 3 buttermilk pancakes. They were airy and slightly fluffy with a hint of sweetness.


I was able to get some turkey sausage off of another plate at my table. The flavor was zesty and bold but lacking in spiciness. The hash browns were crispy on the top and soft in the underneath. They were decently satisfying. Same goes for the eggs. They weren’t anything spectacular but light and delicious when paired with hot sauce.

_DSC1309 (1)

Poached egg from the other plate on the table

While the decor of the place is a bit dated, meaning it looks like the interior of an old person’s home, it carries a unique charm. The restaurant’s style creates feelings of warmth and nostalgia that matches well with the comfort food they serve.

The Original Pancake House

Daily 6:30AM-3PM

3501 W 70th St
Edina, MN 55435

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