DISCLAIMER: There is an image of a middle finger included in this set. No offense was intended. It is simply included for the sake of example and art.

My mom told me that when I was really young, I used to stare at my hands for long periods of time and study them. Almost everyone has them but we often take them for granted. When you think deeply about hands, it’s extremely fascinating how much detail there is and how critical they are for functioning.

One way in which they benefit us, is that they allow us to express ourselves and communicate nonverbally. There are so many messages that we can generate from a simple reconfiguration._DSC1318_DSC1320_DSC1321_DSC1322_DSC1323

Note: For those who are not familiar with the third photo, it is supposed to be a heart and is becoming more popular in use.

Appreciate your body more for all it does, down to the simple things like being able to grip things with your hands. Through appreciation and awareness of our physical self, we are able to accomplish spectacular feats.

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