Ravishing – New York City

After not being able to travel for over a year, it felt invigorating to leave. While flying has become a normal thing in modern society, it’s truly magical if you think about it. A contraption that allows for us to float above the clouds in order to reach a destination in a shorter amount of time than ground transportation is a¬†magnificent invention. The experience at airports can be unpleasant at times (I’ve had my share of incidents) but this particular trip was one of the most uncomplicated, comfortable processes that I’ve ever gone through.

After landing in LaGuardia, taking the bus and subway, I was finally in Manhattan! I’ve been there before but it’s been awhile. I hadn’t expected to experience such strong feelings of familiarity. It was as if I had never left. The city is a spectacular place that has an energizing atmosphere. It’s what I love and where I feel at home.

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