Movement – Ford Dam Scenic Overlook | Lock and Dam No. 1 (Minneapolis/St Paul | MN)

I stopped at Hidden Falls Regional Park not too long ago to just enjoy the scenery (despite not getting out of the car). It was nice to look at the water and the people watching was good since many were having BBQs. We stayed there only briefly but on the way back, passed a lookout stop of the Mississippi River where Ford Dam is located.  The view was nice. Something about looking at the water flow being impacted by the dam was very peaceful. Perhaps it was the sound of the water and the sight of it aggressively being controlled while also escaping. While that sounds intense, it wasn’t really. Seriously…I found it relaxing!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life, especially living in a populated area. However, even moments like this where nature is somewhat present among the city, it’s amazing how relaxing it can be to just take a second to observe.


Ford Dam Scenic Overlook

965 Mississippi River Blvd S.
St Paul, MN 55116

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