We all know of places that hold bittersweet memories.
It can be so sad knowing that things can never return to the way that they were.
Yet, there is comfort to be found in revisiting such places.
The sensation that one experiences when doing so is quite inexplicable.

This is one of those places for me.
2017061523204974611_1497586904243.jpgI grew up near here.
Countless hours were spent walking, biking and running along the paths.
Even though I spent time here with many different people, it will always remind me of my dad.

I wish he was around so we could unexpectedly pass each other during morning jogs (because we did not leave the house together).
I wish we could bike to the ice cream place together as a family like when I was little.
I wish we could walk our dog here together and be overwhelmed while he chases after all of the wildlife.
I wish we could walk together and talk about music.

Part of growing up is knowing that we cannot and should not try to return to the past.
Although these past memories are not likely to recur, it makes me realize how lucky I was and still am.

I miss having my dad nearby but he is only a plane ride away (or a long car trip).
We will have the chance to make new memories in the future.

Where is somewhere special to you? Who and what does that place remind you of?

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