Memorialize – Fourth of July (Minneapolis | MN)

A lot of things change as one ages. One thing that seems so obvious but I’ve never really considered until lately is how holidays are so much different as an adult. I would like to still consider myself outside of the realm of adultness because I still feel childish in many ways and enjoy the idea of youth. However, I can’t completely deny the fact that I’m considered an adult by others.

This week America celebrated the 4th of July which is a big deal here. People get really into it. It seems like celebrations last longer for this particular holiday than many others with people lighting fireworks for days prior and engaging in many parties. It makes it difficult to concentrate on daily life duties (like work) while everyone is off having fun. On the 4th I had the chance to enjoy the later part of the afternoon/evening with my mom. We went swimming, had dinner and walked around while observing the pre-firework excitement near downtown, although we didn’t stay.

I hope that you all had an excellent 4th of July regardless of if you’re American or not. It’s still a day of the week/month/year and you can still enjoy the day itself! 🙂

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