Intermission – Afton State Park (Hastings | MN)

Lately it seems as though my content has been lacking. I do apologize. Life has been a bit confusing lately and I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect upon myself. One of the worst feelings in the world is being derailed from your future plans. Timing and fate are important factors when it comes to goals which means that patience is crucial. It can be extremely difficult to be patient and continue working towards your dreams but it will prove to be worthwhile once things unfold.

I’ve been wanting to get away and do some traveling for a long time now. It seems like quite a while since I’ve been able to do so. Unfortunately, money and getting time off are issues that have prevented me from doing so. After thinking about it, I remembered that there are awesome places to visit within my own area that can feel like vacations. Sometimes just taking a bit of a longer drive than usual to go somewhere unfamiliar can be just as rewarding as hopping on a plane.

Even though I thrive in big cities, Minnesota is full of many beautiful natural areas that one can’t deny: they are really fantastic. Along with many wonderful parks, there are a lot of quaint, adorable towns that I will have to visit and include later on. It’s my goal to do more exploring locally in the near future.

I didn’t have to go too far to get to Afton State Park but it was a significant enough distance that it felt refreshing. It’s weird how being away from the city for a bit can feel that way. The weather was hot while I was there but I tried to ignore it and enjoy the scenery. I didn’t run into too many people, which added to the serene atmosphere. When the weather is cooler, I hope to return and explore longer. The area is very large and includes places for camping. Although I really don’t like camping, I would be totally up for hiking much longer than I did.

For many, it can become boring to remain in our places of residence but I’m certain that, like it is for me in Minnesota, there are lots of places for you to wander near your homes that will excite you.

Click image to view larger

Afton State Park

6959 Peller Ave S
Hastings, MN 55033

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