Pabulum – Food Memories II (Twin Cities | MN)

It’s time for another post that highlights all of the delicious food that I’ve been enjoying at restaurants!

George & the Dragon (Minneapolis | MN)
Caprese Toastie_DSC0402 (1)
In the past, I’ve encountered long wait times when it comes to dining here but on the most recent visit, I was seated right away! It’s outfitted with a lot of wooden accents on the interior but it makes for a comfortable environment. The size of the restaurant is decent without feeling overwhelming.

The Caprese Toastie has pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes on it. I’ve ordered it a couple of times and have been very satisfied with it. The mozzarella had an amazing cheese pull to it with a fresh cheesy flavor. The pesto was present without being overwhelming. I liked that the bread was toasted to perfection. It had a great crunch! The chips (fries to us Americans) had a nice consistency with a good amount of salt. They were a great match with the sandwich.

I’ve been curious about the G&D Banh Mi on the menu (which I haven’t had yet), so it seems as if I’ll have to go back again to try that. I’m pretty certain that it will be delicious though considering how much I’ve enjoyed my Caprese Toasties from here. (I’m glad they call it a “toastie” because that sounds adorable and makes me happy to say it.)

Khun Nai Thai (Minneapolis | MN)
Chicken Pad Thaio
This restaurant is located on Eat Street in Minneapolis and pretty easy to find. I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant because the windows let in a lot of natural light and lit up the space pleasantly.

I ordered and received a large portion of Chicken Pad Thai. (It made great leftovers!) I requested my dish to be spicy, although it could have been spicier. (When it comes to spice, the Midwest tends to utilize of a different scale [more tame] than my palate likes.) Regardless, there was a vibrant flavor to the sauce with a decent kick to it. I thought the noodles had good texture with a generous amount of chicken and other accessories in the mix.

It’s a bummer that there are so many good Asian restaurants in this area because it seemed like there weren’t many people here and I’m suspicious that it gets overlooked being next to places like Quang, where it’s always busy.

Nighthawks (Minneapolis | MN)
Nighthawks Cheeseburger_DSC0634
The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, much like the food. It’s a contemporary, hip looking twist on the classic American diner. They feature some interesting food such as an array of footlong hotdogs that make appearances on Instagram at times.

Their cheeseburger is quite photogenic in my opinion! It was a joy to consume as well. I thought the burger was juicy and flavorful. It paired well with the toastiness of the bun and all of the oozing cheese. The fixings were a little up-charge but worth it because having some vegetables on my burger somehow made it into a more well balanced meal. The fries had an earthy, potatoey flavor to them that gave it depth and tasted very good. They were the right cut and had a chewy texture that made them delightful to eat.

The Kenwood (Minneapolis | MN)
Red Table Ham and Cheddar Panini with Arugula and Cured Tomato_DSC0170 (2)Just a heads up, this is located in one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Minneapolis! I didn’t take that into consideration when I chose to eat here. I was wearing a t-shirt featuring Pusheen the cat lying in a pizza box with a slice in his mouth and a pair of jeans that have a gaping hole in the left knee. To be fair, I had been at work earlier and didn’t stop at home to change. It definitely made me feel out of place next to all of the others in the restaurant, who were all repping the “fancy casual” vibe. Either way, I came to eat and not to socialize with them so I didn’t let it bother me for very long.

The interior of the restaurant is interesting. There’s definitely a wealthy atmosphere about it but also not trying to flaunt it at the same time. The plaid pattern on the back wall definitely takes it down a notch. Although it’s tasteful and a makes the place less daunting for someone who isn’t used to being in such an affluent environment.

The menu can be expensive, depending on what you order, but sandwiches and appetizers are affordable in my opinion (considering where the location is). My ham and cheese panini featured ham from a local meat company that draws from farms locally (MN and WI). The ham was what stood out to me most. There was a robust flavor about it that yelled a little louder than other elements of the sandwich. Although as I got into it further, I started to taste other components singing harmony in the background. The tomatoes in particular come to mind. They were very zingy and added a great flavor to the overall taste. I also enjoyed the bread. It was well toasted and had a really fabulous crunch to it. When it came to the fries, I was ecstatic upon discovering how stupendous they were! Hands down, the best that I’ve had since I can remember. They were salty, crispy and made of good quality potatoes that were fried to absolute perfection. The outer texture was phenomenal. Everything about them was fantastic.

I definitely want to come back here because they have a breakfast/brunch menu that I NEED TO TRY! When I return, I will redeem myself by wearing the proper attire.

Dairy Queen (Various locations throughout the world)
Twist Cone
Ice cream is one of my staple foods. I’m not ashamed to say I eat it almost daily. (Not from DQ though. That would be way too expensive!)

It’s a bit of a mystery to me as to what DQ locations will and won’t serve twist ice cream. I’ve been to so many in the area that I have a good idea of what ones have it. I assume it has to do with the different franchise owners, supply and demand, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. (Business isn’t my thing…as you can see. Ha!) As I mentioned in my last restaurant post, Minneapolis has the best DQs. Their ice cream is much better than any of the others that I’ve been to. On occasion, I’ll drive by one in the ‘burbs and think to myself, Maybe this time will be different, as in the product will be good. Sadly this wasn’t one of those times. I know, I know, you’re thinking about how much of an ice cream snob I am. I admit that I am. Nonetheless, this makes the list because DQ is really good, I love ice cream and ice cream will probably continue to have a place on my lists for awhile.

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