The weather has been quite rainy lately and has had me wanting to hide inside most days. It’s given me time to enjoy a lot of different forms of media.


Bad Rap

I found out about this documentary about a couple of months ago. I put off watching it because I was trying to conserve money at the time but it ended up coming to Netflix this past week!

The movie centers around numerous Asian American rappers who are trying to find their place within the entertainment industry. Dumbfoundead and Awkwafina are two of the main individuals within the film, whom I already had some familiarity with. It was intriguing to witness different perspectives of people struggling to define themselves and break into a realm that has traditionally been fairly void of such figures. I found the whole thing to be informative and inspirational in a bittersweet kind of way.

The Founder

Considering how ubiquitous McDonald’s is, it seems important for people to know the story behind it. It’s a fascinating one that leaves a long lasting impression.

Coming from humble beginnings, McDonald’s has grown into a gigantic business that has shaped the modern fast food industry. The film showed insight into the depths of greed and how much it can impact the development of a business. The story of McDonald’s growth is a heartbreaking one but at the same time, there’s something very sentimental about it’s beginnings, starting with Mac and Dick McDonald.



Serial was the first podcast that I’ve ever binge listened to and coincidentally, S-Town is produced by the same company.

The story is narrated by Brian Reed who tells about his interactions with a quirky individual from Alabama. John B McLemore is an oddball genius who refers to his home as Shittown, Alabama and requests for Reed to investigate a couple of bizarre happenings in his area, one being a potential murder case. As the detectiving unfolds, a suicide occurs in town that takes the podcast down a different avenue than originally intended. The weirdness continues to unravel throughout the story and leaves listeners desperate to gain knowledge of the truth.


Similar to S-TownAccused depicts a murder. The victim is Elizabeth Andes who lost her life in 1978 under suspicious circumstances. The investigation was carried out a little bit too quickly and perhaps performed recklessly as well. Amber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann of The Cincinnati Enquirer look into the old case, trying to get answers and make sure that justice is being served properly.



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