Congregate (DAY 1) – Minnesota State Fair (ST PAUL | MN)

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is ending, school is starting and the Minnesota State Fair is happening!

The fair is an event that many people look forward to all year. There are so many wacky food options to indulge in, performances to watch, displays/showcases/contests to observe, items to purchase, animals to coo over, games to play, rides to enjoy, etc. It’s a large scale event that has something for pretty much everyone to enjoy.

I was able to go twice this year and had a great time on both occasions. Other than being together with family, being able to eat some of my favorite foods was probably what I enjoyed most.

Of course I started the day off with a corn dog. Why not? They’ve always been my go to fair food. Pronto Pups are some of the best at the fair (or so I’ve been raised to believe).

My dad is a big fan of cheese curds, so we shared some of them. The original cheese curd stand of the fair was no longer there but I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference since I’m not a big cheese connoisseur. Either way, the ones that we got were delicious with a delectably crisp outer breading and gooey cheese in the middle.

I finished off the day with some THAI ROLLED ICE CREAM! I’ve been wanting to try some since it started appearing all over the place on Instagram. I didn’t get the chance when I was visiting the east coast, so it was a pleasant surprise to find it at the fair. I got the flavor called “Midnight Strawberry” which had strawberries and Oreo mashed together in the rolled portion. The texture was great because the rolls were a little colder than regular ice cream (due to the surface on which they are made). I wasn’t completely taken away by the flavor but it was still an exciting experience.


Other than eating, we explored a lot of different areas of the fair. I enjoyed looking at the animals and was pleasantly surprised that the barns where they were kept didn’t smell particularly foul. The Eco Experience building was eye opening. I never realized so many people don’t recycle. That’s crazy to me because it’s so easy to do. We also went through the DNR building which was very informative. I liked observing the wildlife scenes that they set, even if there were taxidermied animals in there. (I felt really sad for them but they were cute.) Unfortunately, there weren’t any musical acts that we were particularly interested in, so we didn’t really watch much of the performances.

Regardless, it was a fun day. I’m glad that the weather was dry and a comfortable temperature for the day. That always makes a difference at outdoor events.

Anyone from Minnesota or somewhere else that has an extensive state fair? Share your favorite things to eat and do there! It’s always interesting to find out what other people love about events like these.

I’ll be posting about my second day at the fair soon!

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