Festivity (DAY 2) – Minnesota State Fair (ST PAUL | MN)

Who would’ve thought that people are already thinking about Christmas in August? It was a bit of a shock to see a whole area dedicated to Christmas tree farms but also very exciting. It got me itching for the holiday season and all of the merriment!

Speaking of growing things, it wouldn’t be the state fair without people showing off their produce! There were lots of awards given. It was fun to see all of the things that people have harvested. Who would’ve thought that such a vast range of food could grow in Minnesota?

The jars in the bottom photo are full of different kinds of honey. I learned that the color differs depending on the type of flower that bees collect from.

In addition to growing trees, crops and tending bees, there were EVEN MORE awards given to other creations that people have made.

It was fun spending time going through all of the exhibits. There are so many components to the fair that even with a second day, I wasn’t able to see everything!

I definitely wasn’t able to eat everything either. It can be overwhelming with all of the food options but I try to stick to just getting whatever looks good at the moment, rather than stress over it.

Despite not getting anything particularly quirky or innovative, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food that I ate. I managed to bring home a sampler of four kinds of Rice Krispie bars for later because it’s always nice to relive the fair later.

It was another fun year at the fair. For whatever reason, this one felt especially satisfying. I did notice that the remnants of my eating disorder thoughts were significantly less loud and that is something that I feel very proud of. It’s times like that where I am able to see how far I’ve come. What an empowering feeling!


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