Transition – Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (Chaska| MN) (2)

Last week I got the opportunity to revisit the arboretum with my mom. Since I was just there this summer, it was wonderful to be able to see what’s changed with the beginning of fall.

The autumn aesthetic was strong as we began our stroll. Pumpkins were everywhere!

This particular day was quite beautiful and unlike last time, the weather was cooler. It was much more enjoyable to be perspiration-free.

Although some of the flowers/plants were dying, it was nice to see a lot of them were still in bloom!

I was lucky to catch this butterfly (with the help of my mom). I appreciated that it stayed still for awhile so I could capture it.

It’s still crazy to me seeing all of the fallen leaves. It seems like many people, including myself, agree that summer ended without notifying anyone of its departure.

As we were in the section of roses, I heard a woman yelling after the kids she brought, “Hey! Stop and smell the roses!” I thought it was quite funny.

I really loved the roses. They’re always gorgeous, smell fantastic and come out perfectly in photos.

Walking along some of the paths further from the garden areas, it became evident that the transition into fall has started.  As much as I love summer, the vibrant orange hues of autumn are so pleasing to look at; especially when contrasted by the bright green tones.

Now that it’s fall, all I want to do is go to an apple orchard, engage in brisk evening walks with crunchy leaves under my shoes and cozy up with a blanket as I watch YouTube/Netflix in my bed while sipping a cup of tea.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Daily 8AM-8PM

$15 admission (expensive but worth it)
Free admission on the third Monday of every month

3675 Arboretum Dr
Chaska, MN 55318

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