Lush – Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (Bloomington | MN)

As much as I love the warmth of summer, there’s a mysterious appeal that lingers in the brisk air on autumn days. Leaves are rapidly transforming into an array of hues; beautiful and yet, possessing of a strong sense of melancholy. With the inevitable freezing temperatures and snow approaching, I’ve been attempting to spend more time outside to enjoy what’s left of the tolerable weather. Perhaps it’s because our society has been brainwashed by cinema but there’s something utterly romantic about fall strolls, regardless of there being anyone accompanying you.

On my never-ending search for a new place to look around, I picked Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. It’s an area covered in lush foliage and wildlife that makes you question whether or not you’re even in the city. There are several paths that extend throughout the area and allow for you to be completely enclosed by trees.

It was mid afternoon when I ventured through the grounds and was captivated by the golden tones of sunlight illuminating onto everything. There was a serene feeling emanating throughout my body that was very much needed.

A group of young school aged kids accompanied by adult chaperones ended up crossing paths with me. Seeing them enjoying nature made me happy and nostalgic.


Upon completion of the path, I was stunned by the harshness of modern civilization dragging me out of a peaceful mental state. There’s an element of shock when you go from completely isolated by plants to surrounded by buildings: hotels and offices galore.

Nonetheless, this place is a gem that I wish I knew about sooner. It’s excellent for a short excursion to escape the chaos of our world.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

3815 American Blvd. East
Bloomington, MN 55425

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