Succulent – Pine Tree Apple Orchard (White Bear Lake | MN)

During autumn, going to an apple orchard is a must! Unlike this chilly weather that Minnesota is currently experiencing, it was pleasant and fair when I was enjoying an apple-y paradise less than two weeks ago. Due to fall break, there was a quite a crowd for it being a weekday afternoon. All of the people created a contagiously joyful atmosphere which made me feel at ease.

Sadly, they weren’t allowing picking of apples when I was there. However, it was still a delightful experience strolling through the grounds. I admired all of the ripe apples surrounding me, as it is one of my favorite foods.

After walking through numerous rows of trees, we approached a corn maze. It was quite extensive, but we opted not to participate because of the cost and the long queue. While the corn for the maze was nearing the end of its life span for the season, we came across some that still looked to be at its prime.

In addition to apples and corn, there was also a pumpkin patch! With Halloween approaching, people were excitedly selecting gourds to take home and decorate. I admired them for being willing to put in the effort. I’ve given up on decorating for the past few years, but maybe someday I’ll revive my suppressed pumpkin design skills.

I’m not certain how many acres are officially part of the orchard property but there was a long stretch of land surrounding the previously mentioned areas with some large homes in the distance. Lots of fall colors were visible and made the fields look especially breathtaking.

I’ve been to a handful of orchards throughout the state in my lifetime and this was definitely one that I’ll most likely be returning to in the future. The property was gorgeous and well kept with a charming shop and bakery on site featuring apple products and other local goods. I learned that strawberries are available in the summertime, so I’ll have to check that out next year!

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

450 Apple Orchard Rd
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

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