I like to consider myself as someone who is forward thinking and always looking for ways to improve.

Recently, I had a significant realization that in my subconscious, I’ve been desperately holding on to the past, and it’s somehow gone unnoticed. It was a puzzling discovery but so obvious in retrospect. Part of me remains obsessed with the idea of control and stubbornly refuses to ease up.


I have spent so much time thinking about life that I have not been living it.

While there can be benefits to considering outcomes that await us in the future, I’m working to to reframe my thought process. To allow things to unfold, rather than lament over (mainly) nonsensical scenarios. Life is both longer and shorter than others want us to believe. We might as well throw out logic pertaining to ideal living because it’s much more important to just experience everything for what it is.

It takes a lot of courage to give up control, but ultimately, it will (hopefully) prove to be a favorable choice.

Unlock the door, leave it ajar, and see what happens.


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