Conveyance – James J. Hill House (St Paul | MN)

_DSC0830The James. J Hill House is a historic landmark in Minnesota. It’s a massive mansion that was the most costly and greatest in size within the state at the time it was finished in 1891.. With five floors, there were a lot of spaces and unique rooms within the house that utilized cutting edge technology of the period._DSC0775_DSC0795There are tours Wednesday through Sunday that last 75 minutes and occur every 30 minutes. I found the tour to be very intriguing and well executed. The tour guide was very knowledgable about the home and the Hill family. Not only was she full of information, but also charismatic and entertaining to listen to._DSC0757_DSC0799_DSC0760James J. Hill helped pioneer transportation by developing a railway system that extended to the West Coast from St. Paul. It was known as the Great Northern Railway. He acquired his wealth from his efforts in the transportation field, which allowed for him to fund such an impressive home.
_DSC0770_DSC0781_DSC0793There were so many intricate and beautiful accents throughout the house. It was apparent that a lot of thought and care went into the construction of it. Not to mention, many people were involved in the process of building it._DSC0782_DSC0783_DSC0785_DSC0786_DSC0814
_DSC0797_DSC0798Majority of the house was illuminated with very dim lighting because they want to maintain a similar aesthetic to how it was when it was occupied with the Hill family. In addition, the low level of light helps preserve the condition of the house itself._DSC0802_DSC0804_DSC0805_DSC0807_DSC0808_DSC0816_DSC0819_DSC0823_DSC0827
Going through the home felt a bit unreal. While many staff worked and were housed within the property, it’s still crazy to think that a family would want to inhabit such a large structure. Despite having a bit of an ominous tone throughout, the James J. Hill House is a work of art with so much beauty contained in every inch of it.

Discovering that such a significant historical landmark exists hidden in plain sight, is very exciting. Whether you live in Minnesota or are just visiting, the house is definitely worth seeing. It’s always interesting learning about how people lived in the past, and this is an especially cool place to experience and gain knowledge._DSC0846_DSC0848

James J. Hill House

General House Tours (75 min. every half hour)
Wed – Sat 10:00AM – 3:30PM
Sun 1:00PM – 3:30PM

*See link above for prices and further information

240 Summit Ave

St Paul, MN 55102

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