Perpetual – Bachman’s Flower Show at the Galleria (Edina | MN)

I’m not sure why, but compared to others, I’m not as upset about the unpredictable “spring” weather in Minnesota. Perhaps it’s because I’ve grown used to the idea that it’s fair game for snow to fall until June. While it’s extremely draining having to put up with the inconsistency, I like to remind myself of the positive aspects, such as the cold weather keeps the bugs from becoming big. (No unwanted giant spiders for us in Minnesota, please and thanks.)

It’s wonderful that despite the recent cold and sometimes snowy climate, we are able to pretend that it’s not relevant by enjoying beautiful plants indoors! In the past, there has been an annual flower show hosted at Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis, but with the closure of that store, the show was condensed and relocated to the Galleria in Edina._DSC0855I wouldn’t say it was a mistake to go during the opening days, but it was definitely an adventure dealing with the parking lot situation. (I’ll just leave it at that…) Regardless, once inside, the flowers proved to be worth the trek._DSC0883Although the flower show concluded as of last week, I still thought that I would include something about it because the flowers were very gorgeous and refreshing to view. Hopefully you’re able to experience a tad of warmth and happiness through viewing my photos.

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