Beatific – Interstate State Park (Taylors Falls | MN)

I’ve been absent from here for about a month. It’s crazy how time just kind of slips by when you’re off doing things. It’s been nice having the warmer weather lately. It encourages people to venture outside and that’s definitely been true for me. This week I went to Taylors Falls to do some hiking. It was a fun outing that got me a little bit out of the city._DSC1008Paths in the Twin Cities area can be pretty tame, so this was a refreshing change from what I’m used to. I did the River Trail which is about 1.25 miles. I thoughtlessly assumed that it was a loop because I’m so used to circular paths, and was somewhat shocked to discover that I had to walk back the same way that I started from. The distance didn’t bother me, but the unexpected factor threw me. Looking back at that moment of realization makes me giggle at how surprised I was and my own foolishness.
(That walking stick just happened to be there. It adds a bit of mystery to the picture and I like it!)

I really enjoyed the route that I took though. Climbing up and down on the rock based pathways reminded me of hiking at Achasan in South Korea. Not quite the same, considering that this wasn’t a mountainous area, but it filled a void in me that unknowingly needed attention.
I loved how magical the area looked with all of the forestation around. It was really beautiful, and despite the hot weather, I was very excited about being there.
The trail goes along the St Croix River, which is visible from certain points. The view was really breathtaking. That feeling was hard to capture through photos. You’ll just have to go there and experience it for yourself._DSC0992_DSC0931One aspect that was a little strange was that the path was right next to the road, but it was pretty easy to forget with the area being so picturesque. It was a very fun place to go hiking. I recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere a little bit different from the typical lake pathways and other similar walking trails around. You’re also able to camp, kayak and rock climb in this area!

Interstate State Park{FFE18D1F-0CA5-4093-957C-109A2EC6EFE8}

*Parking is $7 for the day

Tip: Pack some food! It’s a great spot for picnicking.

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