Reverie – Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (Chaska| MN) (3)

I’ve been excited about seeing the Origami in the Garden exhibition at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum ever since I found about it. The arboretum is a wonderful place to visit, as I’ve shown a couple of times on this site:

For the origami exhibit, there are 40 sculptures spread throughout the property constructed out of bronze, aluminum and steel. They were created by Jennifer and Kevin Box from Santa Fe, NM, along with collaborative efforts involving a few other talented origami artists. The sculptures were really cool to see in person and they seemed to suit the aesthetic of the property very well.

The gardens were quite busy since it was the third Monday of the month, which is when admission is free. It was relaxing to wander around and take in all of the spring vibes. The flowers were fragrant and made being there very refreshing.

Since it was a bit cloudy, it helped keep the temperature down, as it can be very hot in the grounds. Although, I do think it will be worth tackling the hot summer weather to revisit because the variety of flowers will change, and some of them had yet to bloom. Plus the grounds are ginormous, so it’s very difficult to see everything on one occasion. You’re able to drive through them in certain areas, but I think that takes away from the experience because walking around allows for you to truly absorb the beauty of it all.

Even though it’s warm, it’s strange to me that it’s technically not summer yet. Being in Minnesota does mess with your head about when the seasons occur. It’s hard to believe that just last month, there was over a foot of snow!
What are you looking forward to about summer? Do you have anything planned or any interesting annual traditions?

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Daily 8AM-8PM

$15 admission (expensive but worth it)
Free admission on the third Monday of every month

3675 Arboretum Dr
Chaska, MN 55318

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