I like to consider myself as someone who is forward thinking and always looking for ways to improve. Recently, I had a significant realization that in my subconscious, I’ve been desperately holding on to the past, and it’s somehow gone unnoticed. It was a puzzling discovery but so obvious in retrospect. Part of me remains […]

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As someone who has spent their entire life struggling with social anxiety and perpetual awkwardness, a recurring goal of mine has always consisted of encouraging myself to participate in “uncomfortable” social situations. I was recently gifted the opportunity to join a select group for a private happy hour on a rooftop in downtown Minneapolis. It […]

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With my social anxiety, I get nervous about taking portraits of people. I’ve done it in the past for a project in college and it was rather nerve-wracking. However, I’ve been pushing myself to do things that I’m uncomfortable with more lately so hopefully the opportunity to take portraits will arise! A great thing about […]

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It’s bizarre how one can fluctuate so easily between feeling assured and completely insecure. I’m assuming that it takes a lifetime to completely solidify the balance. While self-doubt makes life difficult, it’s an opportunity for growth. In moments of struggle, we are able to discover valuable information about ourselves and the surrounding world. Although it can be […]

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When experiencing periods of uncertainty, making lists helps ground myself. Having a visual representation of what you are grateful for can make all of the difference during hardship. Last year, I purchased a planner that I used strictly for keeping notes on what I was grateful for each day. (Although I also kept notes of restaurants I […]

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It’s confusing living in a society that treasures confidence, yet doesn’t specify how much is the correct amount to display. This becomes even more complicated as you dive into subcategories like gender, race, sexuality, etc. Conditions pertaining to distinct situations also influence expectations of our actions. As we age, it seems as though it should be more natural to have a […]

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Endure – #NEDAwareness Week (3)

If you or anyone you know happens to be struggling with an eating disorder, I have included links at the bottom to organizations that have helped me and where you can acquire support. If you are interested in reading about my personal struggle with eating disorders, I have recently posted about it here. Eating disorders can […]

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