When experiencing periods of uncertainty, making lists helps ground myself. Having a visual representation of what you are grateful for can make all of the difference during hardship. Last year, I purchased a planner that I used strictly for keeping notes on what I was grateful for each day. (Although I also kept notes of restaurants I … Continue reading Ambivalence

아무리 도망쳐 봐도 벗어 날 수 없어 – Epik High (New York City | NY)

In my early twenties, I had the pleasure of visiting New York City for the first time. It was a life changing experience. Other than Seoul, South Korea, I have never fallen in love with a place so quickly. I love all of the excitement that comes with being in a heavily populated area. What's especially … Continue reading 아무리 도망쳐 봐도 벗어 날 수 없어 – Epik High (New York City | NY)