Lush – Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (Bloomington | MN)

As much as I love the warmth of summer, there's a mysterious appeal that lingers in the brisk air on autumn days. Leaves are rapidly transforming into an array of hues; beautiful and yet, possessing of a strong sense of melancholy. With the inevitable freezing temperatures and snow approaching, I've been attempting to spend more … Continue reading Lush – Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (Bloomington | MN)

Bliss – Cedar+Stone, Urban Table (Bloomington | MN)

Being able to spend time together with family has become more important over the past few years as we've spread out into different locations. When we're able to get together, it's usually only for special occasions which is a bit unfortunate but life keeps everyone busy and that's generally good! On Easter, I was fortunate … Continue reading Bliss – Cedar+Stone, Urban Table (Bloomington | MN)

Nostalgia – Hyland Park (Bloomington | MN)

I'm sure everyone has a place like this that they can recall; one that holds bittersweet memories. A place that draws you back despite negative associations. Perhaps it's because subconsciously good times outweigh the bad. I'm also convincedĀ that we as humans develop a bizarreĀ fondness for periods and locations where we have undergone significant growth. There … Continue reading Nostalgia – Hyland Park (Bloomington | MN)