As someone who has spent their entire life struggling with social anxiety and perpetual awkwardness, a recurring goal of mine has always consisted of encouraging myself to participate in "uncomfortable" social situations. I was recently gifted the opportunity to join a select group for a private happy hour on a rooftop in downtown Minneapolis. It … Continue reading Moxie


Pabulum – Food Memories (Twin Cities | MN)

It's time for another post that highlights all of the delicious food that I've been enjoying at restaurants! George & the Dragon (Minneapolis | MN) Caprese Toastie In the past, I've encountered long wait times when it comes to dining here but on the most recent visit, I was seated right away! It's outfitted with … Continue reading Pabulum – Food Memories (Twin Cities | MN)

Movement – Ford Dam Scenic Overlook | Lock and Dam No. 1 (Minneapolis/St Paul | MN)

I stopped at Hidden Falls Regional Park not too long ago to just enjoy the scenery (despite not getting out of the car). It was nice to look at the water and the people watching was good since many were having BBQs. We stayed there only briefly but on the way back, passed a lookout … Continue reading Movement – Ford Dam Scenic Overlook | Lock and Dam No. 1 (Minneapolis/St Paul | MN)

Convivial – Sun Street Breads (Minneapolis | MN)

For many people, growing older means seeing your family less as one becomes busier with adult responsibilities. When you are able to see each other, meetings often feel more significant than spending time together used to. Limited time transforms the dynamic because everyone realizes at a certain point, you'll part ways. I'm fortunate that my mother and I are able … Continue reading Convivial – Sun Street Breads (Minneapolis | MN)