Succulent – Pine Tree Apple Orchard (White Bear Lake | MN)

During autumn, going to an apple orchard is a must! Unlike this chilly weather that Minnesota is currently experiencing, it was pleasant and fair when I was enjoying an apple-y paradise less than two weeks ago. Due to fall break, there was a quite a crowd for it being a weekday afternoon. All of the … Continue reading Succulent – Pine Tree Apple Orchard (White Bear Lake | MN)


Crisp – Apple Orchard (MN)

I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day! The weather is getting warmer and today it made me think of fall. Is winter over yet? I went to an apple orchard sometime last year during October. There are several located on the outskirts of the metro area in Minneapolis/St Paul. It's always a fun experience to … Continue reading Crisp – Apple Orchard (MN)