Brilliant – Centennial Lakes Park (Edina | MN)

I'm loving the colors of autumn that Minnesota has been blessed with. For awhile, the weather has been surprisingly warm which has made going for fall walks a lovely activity. Located in Edina, there is a great walking path that is hidden in plain sight. One of the areas it brings you is around the … Continue reading Brilliant – Centennial Lakes Park (Edina | MN)


Lush – Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (Bloomington | MN)

As much as I love the warmth of summer, there's a mysterious appeal that lingers in the brisk air on autumn days. Leaves are rapidly transforming into an array of hues; beautiful and yet, possessing of a strong sense of melancholy. With the inevitable freezing temperatures and snow approaching, I've been attempting to spend more … Continue reading Lush – Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (Bloomington | MN)